Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power is hugely popular and only becoming more so. Prices have dropped dramatically, and San Antonio is a great place to take advantage of technologies to harness the sun’s power. Blue Bonnet Solar serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas with solar panels for every need.



shutterstock_341987087Residential Solar Panels

The average homeowner may have found solar panels out of their price range just a few years ago. However, new leasing arrangements, incentives, rebates, and an overall drop in cost have made them a great choice for countless families across San Antonio and Texas.

Residential solar panels can cut your utility bill in half instantly. Rather than depending on your local energy, you will be using your own energy, coming directly from the sun’s rays that already hit the roof of your house. You will find your energy costs drop dramatically, all while your appliances and the rest of your home continue to function just as they already have.

As we all know, solar panels are great for the planet. You don’t have to constantly think about whether or not plastic bottles are recyclable. Just install solar panels and you’ll be saving energy at every flip of the switch.

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Commercial Solar Panelsshutterstock_92639266

If you are a business owner, you’re constantly thinking about how to optimize your expenses in order to improve your profitability. You might think of your monthly utility bill as one of those things that you have no control over. After all, you have to run your air conditioning, turn on the lights in your building, have computers for your employees, and power the myriad other things required to run your business. However, solar panels can free you from the monthly utility bill.

Solar panels can cut your utility cost in half, and with leasing options and tax incentives it can be very affordable to install the panels and quickly reap the rewards of using solar energy.

And since solar panels are highly visible on your roof, your customers and passers-by will be able to see your business’ dedication to being good for the environment. This is very important to many people, and often people choose to buy from companies that share their values. Simply having solar panels on your roof can do more good than thousands of marketing dollars espousing your green beliefs.

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shutterstock_345105134Multi-family Units

If you are a developer or a landlord, installing solar power can be great for your business.

In apartment buildings, a single solar installation can serve multiple families, allowing you to leverage the benefits more than the typical single-family home is able to. Additionally, many renters would like to live somewhere that they perceive as sustainable. Adding solar panels can help you attract renters who are willing to pay higher rent in order to be living in an apartment that is good for the environment.

As a developer, adding solar panels to the homes you build can quickly increase their value. Homebuyers love solar power, and by adding them prior to sale, you can build the cost into your price for the home. A recent study showed that an average solar installation would add $13,000 in equity to a home.

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