San Antonio Residential Solar Panel Installation

San Antonio solar panel technician on roof

Here in San Antonio, we know the power of the sun. You might complain about the San Antonio heat, but with residential solar panels, you can harness that to power your home – even your air conditioner! Solar panels can help you run everything in your home by utilizing the sun’s rays that already hit your roof.

Residential solar panels are good for your wallet – no longer will you have to deal with a giant utility bill every month. You may have heard that residential solar panels are too expensive for the average American. While that may have been true in the past, it is different today. There are incentives, rebates and payment plans that mean solar power can allow you to run your household for less money without the prohibitive upfront cost that used to be the case with solar.

Sometimes your electrical meter will even run backward, all while you continue to use all the appliances and air conditioning that you are used to. Some cities like San Antonio and surrounding areas allow you to feed the energy you do not use back onto the grid, where it can be used by other people. Often, this energy will show up as a credit on your bill, making it an even less expensive source of power.

San Antonio also allows solar panel leasing, so instead of outlaying a huge amount of cash when you first install your panels, you simply pay a monthly bill over the course of your 25-year-lease. This bill plus your new, lower utility bill is usually less than half of the utility bill the average household was paying prior to installing solar panels.

Clean Energy – Solar Power for Your Home

Plus, solar power is good for the planet. By harnessing the sun’s power instead of using gas power or other polluting energy sources, you help preserve the planet for future generations. Plus, once your solar panels are installed, you never have to think about them. It is a one-time commitment – unlike recycling, limiting water usage, and the other regular things we do to be good to the environment. Once you have solar energy, your home and appliances will run just like they always have. You’ll make a huge difference in the health of the planet without making any change at all in your lifestyle – except for writing a smaller check every month!

Installing solar panels can also make your home rise in value. Solar panels are a popular home addition. Many home buyers, whether they are concerned about environmentalism or simply the lower energy costs, seek out houses with solar panels. By installing and using solar power, you can make your home more appealing to a future prospective buyer.

You may think that in order to be a good candidate for solar panels you need to have a south-facing roof. Not true! West and east facing roofs are also great for solar power. If you are not sure if solar power would work with your roof, head outside on a sunny day and take a look at your roof. If your roof is not covered in shade, you can probably install solar and begin enjoying the benefits right away!

Extremely sunny parts of the United States like San Antonio are one of the best places for solar power because we have so few cloudy days per year. That is why your home is likely a great candidate. We will come out for a consultation before installation begins, and confirm that solar will work for your house.

Bluebonnet Solar Power serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to learn more about the many benefits of residential solar power. We are excited to work with you and your family to lower your bills, increase the value of your home, and take care of the earth.