Commercial Solar Panel Installation in San Antonio

commercial solar panels on San Antonio building

If you are tired of looking at a giant utility bill every month just to run your business, it might be time to consider installing solar panels.

Solar panels can cut your utility bill by more than 50%, making your business more profitable. Just by using the sun’s power rather than traditional utilities, you can improve your profit margins and become a more sustainable corporation, both fiscally and environmentally. No longer will you be spending a huge percentage of your revenues on simply paying to keep the lights on in your store or other facilities.

Solar panels are more affordable nowadays. Leasing options, the falling price of solar panels, and incentives and rebates in some parts of the country have made them a great option for business owners who want to run efficient businesses with lower expenses.

Of course, solar energy is also great for the planet. After all, the sun is always on and never runs out of energy. The sun’s rays are already hitting the roof of your business, and by installing solar panels you can take advantage of this great renewable energy source. Solar power is also an easy way to always be doing the right thing for the environment. When you are recycling, you have to think about each thing you throw away and whether or not it is recyclable. Solar power is a one-time decision. After you have installed your solar panels, every time you flip a switch to turn on a light, run your computers or heat up water, you’ll be using solar energy.

Many businesses have also found that using solar power improves their reputation in the public sphere. Your solar panels on your roof are a constant reminder that you are a business that cares about the planet and their role in society. Many potential customers will notice these panels and take note of your business’ social responsibility and morals. This can lead to them choosing you over a competitor simply because your morals line up with theirs and the behavior they want to see in the companies that they do business with.

How Solar Power Can Help Your Business

Your San Antonio business can take advantage of the many benefits of commercial solar panels by installing them today. You’ll no longer have to deal with your giant utility bill every month. In fact, San Antonio even allow you to release energy you do not use back into the grid for use by other households and businesses. This energy shows up on your utility bill as a credit, making the overall cost of your solar panels and energy usage even lower.

If you are interested in seeing if solar panels are right for your business and the buildings you already occupy, give us a call today. A representative from Blue Bonnet Solar will come out for a visit to explain to you the many benefits of solar energy. They can also discuss your options for financing, tax rebates, leasing, and other fiscal incentives to install solar power.

Your business already does great work in your industry. Installing solar panels lets you continue to focus all of your energy where it can be best used – on your company – while dramatically decreasing your utility bills and doing your part to take care of our planet. We serve San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Call us today to discuss commercial solar panels.