About Us

About Bluebonnet Solar Power

Bluebonnet Solar Power provides residential solar panel solutions to homeowners in San Antonio. We’re proud to offer our friends and neighbors the highest-quality solar systems available on the market today. Simply put, there’s never been a better time to save money through clean, independent energy.

San Antonio gets an awful lot of sun, and at Bluebonnet Solar, we figured maybe we ought to put that to use. We’ve spent years studying the massive potential of solar energy panels, a labor of love that’s given us the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of other Texans. We love the independence and clean energy that solar can provide, and we want to bring those strengths to the lives of other Texans.

In pursuit of our dream, we put in countless hours in the trenches: long days spent up on rooftops and awnings, nights spent poring over blueprints and plans with electrical and roofing contractors. We spent years researching the most efficient high-performance solar panels on the market, tracking trends and improving technologies as they developed. We wanted to find the best solar panels in the world, and more importantly, the best solar panels for San Antonio. After all, it gets pretty hot here. Nobody wants his or her panels to get melted or busted by the heat. That is why we stayed rigorous in our commitment to solid and dependable quality.

The way we see it, if you’re going to pay for someone to help you install your solar panels, they ought to provide you with the best products and the perfect techniques to get those products installed. That is what Bluebonnet is all about. We specialize in integrating high-quality solar systems with pre-existing houses and structures, offering the finest residential solar power available in San Antonio.

When we started getting into solar back in the ‘90s, it was still kind of a wasteland. The technology was improving, but it was by no means widespread. It was up to us to seek out the experts so we’d be ready. Even then, we knew that solar offered a bright, clean, and independent future. Now, with better photovoltaic cells and batteries, solar is finally becoming a realistic and attractive choice for homeowners.

Over all these years of research and surging technological improvement, we saw an opportunity to start a business that was founded on doing the right thing— helping provide a clean and sustainable future for all of our friends and neighbors. Over time, we made it happen, bringing our expertise to bear on solar systems from San Antonio and surrounding aras. All across San Antonio, more and more people are seeing what a great opportunity solar power is. It is convenient, reliable, safe, and just about as cheap as energy can get.
Here at Bluebonnet Solar Power, we are happy to be able to improve the environment while also helping people save money, and we wouldn’t trade that for the world. Get in contact with us if you have any questions about solar systems. We’d love to apply our years of expertise to helping you set up your new photovoltaic panels. We can help you optimize the power you get out of your home solar system. Put the Sun to good use! Start saving with Bluebonnet Solar Power and call us today at 888-282-0483.