Solar Panels in San Antonio

Solar power is much more than panels on the top of our roof. Here are 7 interesting facts about solar power that you may not have already known.

1. The Amazing Possibilities

Although the sun is 90 million miles from Earth, in less than 10 minutes, light can travel from that distance to earth.
Solar energy is a limitless supply of free energy. The amount of energy absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land each year is far and beyond any amount of energy consumption in the entire world including the power of millions of earthquakes. Solar energy is absorbed at such a high rate that there is no way that we could harness it all.

2. A Solar Powered Aircraft Exists

Believe it or not, since the 1980’s NASA has been in the process of developing several solar powered aircraft. Some examples of NASA’s solar-powered aircrafts are, Pathfinder Plus, Pathfinder and Helios Prototype, which are all designed to fly long term at a very high altitude.

3. Is Solar Power Considered Green

When compared to the use of coal and fossil fuels for utilizing energy, solar power is definitely far greener. Now there are some concerns with producing solar panels including the recycling of byproducts.
This issue is potentially harmful gases like nitrogen trifluoride and sulfur hexafluoride are released from greenhouses during production. This could a far greater effect on global warming as the use of an identical amount of carbon dioxide.

4. Solar Power is Quickly Gaining Popularity

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an impressive increase in the percentage of installed solar energy went up by 418% between the years 2010-2014. That is an incredible increase in only 4 years. If solar power popularity is growing at this rate then just think what the future holds for this industry!

5. Leonardo Da Vinci Was Ahead of the Game

All the way back in the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci was already considering using solar energy to heat water for industrial needs. There are even some claims that solar power may go as far back as B.C. Have we been trying to use solar energy since the dawn of time?

6. Could The Sun Be Dying?

You may have heard it said before that the sun is dying, or maybe you haven’t. The good news is – we are a long ways from that happening. The sun is known to be a renewable energy source but according to astrophysics, the sun has approximately 6-7 billion years before it becomes a white dwarf, meaning the stars nuclear fuel will be exhausted.

7. The Connection Between Solar Power and Nuclear Fusion

For around 70 years, Scientist have been working on ways to harness nuclear fusion. If ever they succeed in reaching this goal this will forever change the way we use, understand and relate to energy. This will be unprecedented and revolutionary because when it comes to energy we would no longer need to depend on resources. Issues around sustainability and being renewable would become inconsequential.

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